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  • 1940 The SARMA factory has been created in the
    south of France, in St-Vallier sur-Rhône, by
    Mr Witzenhausen. The company was selling
    rods, fork-ends, cables and fly controls.
  • 1975 SKF Swedish group of bearings bought SARMA.

    with St-Vallier and Lons-le Saunier SKF’s factories.
  • 2013 Precision Castparts Corp. (PCC) bought
    St-Vallier Rods Division, now called as a new
    legal entity : KALISTRUT AEROSPACE.

    PCC is the world leader in structural investment
    castings, forged components, and airfoil castings
    for aircraft engines and industrial gas turbines.

    PCC has been created in 1956 by Mr Ed. Colley.
    It counts 29 350 employees all over the world
    and 161 manufacturing locations.

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